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Under Constant Guard


Video Surveillance/CCTV enables a company to have a better grip on the business in so many areas. Aside from protection against burglars or other crime, which have saved people thousands, it can improve day to day activity and employee performance by having a constant eye on the place, on site or remotely.

We carefully select the proper equipment from a large variety of manufacturers to suit each client’s precise needs. Whether it’s indoor or outdoor cameras, we supply quality, super clear videos resulting flawless monitoring.

Available Features:

  • License Plate Recognition

  • Offsite recording

  • Cell Phone Monitoring

  • Fast track clipping

  • Facial recognition

Burglar Alarm

Being relaxed and feeling safe is crucial for everybody, and especially so when there’s business to attend to. With a top of the line burglar alarm system installed, customers have expressed the remarkable difference it made on their home or business.

With the ability to set up codes for each user, you’re able to restrict certain ones to specific

times of the day, and helps you identify who’s going in or out. We get you connected to a Central Station 24/7, who will automatically send for local help when an alarm is triggered. Additionally, you are constantly in the loop with alerts to your phone or email of alarm activity of your choice.

It’s an investment never to be regretted!

A Lifetime Investment

A Lifetime Investment


More important than protecting your valuables, is that of your lives. Professionally installed fire alarm systems have prevented untold damage and heartache. Our fully customizable fire alarm system can support any amount of zones and is designed to transform your place into a safe environment, 24 hours a day.


Power Tech is licensed in the NYS Dept. of State to install, service, and maintain security and fire alarm systems. License #

Your choice

access control


When it comes to choosing an access control system, Power Tech will spare no effort in matching you up with the perfect solution. It’ll allow you to constantly manage the ins and outs, prevent uninvited visitors from entering, and instantly being alerted of suspicious activity.

It’s your choice:

  • Key Fob Card Reader

  • Keypad Buttons

  • Wireless Remote Buttons

  • Plate Reader Recognition

  • Long Range Card Tags

Phone Systems

PBX-in house, avail in digital and voip- voice over IP, digital never makes issue Hosted voip

Data Network

Transforming Your Office or Stay Connected


Professionally installed data network is a mandatory first step for any productive office. To acquire the proper speed and quality, it needs to be built up with precision and competence, using the finest equipment.


With Power Tech’s expertise and skillful installers, your office will be transformed and suitable for real business!

A Construction Management Breakthrough

It’s hard for our clients to think back to the days before their solar powered CCTV was installed by our professionals. They’ve become so reliant on it’s razor sharp videos to take count of all the activity taking place on site, so progress can be closely monitored without wasting precious time, by viewing it all from the comfort of your office, home, or phone.

Construction Site Solutions Solar powered CCTV, and Battery powered Alarm Systems

Solar panels can be adjusted to any number of cameras or other systems. It is expertly designed and built by our engineer to figure the amount of panels needed based on the amount of solar energy received in your area.


No matter the site’s size or location, we can capture it all.

Just One Touch

Home Automation


Possibilities are endless when it comes to automating your home or office. A touch on yourphone, and the lights are out, heat turned on, security system is armed, and so much more options that will get you dazzled.


We offer a full line of state of the art video and audio only intercom